SALT (Semantics and Linguistic Theory) May 20 - May 22, 2011

Rutgers New Brunswick


For Presenters


126 people have registered for the conference so far (May 16, 11.30 p.m.). Registration is still open. You can use this information to estimate the number of handouts you will need.
We recommend that you bring your handouts with you, but there is a printing center in downtown New Brunswick, just two blocks from the Hyatt.


Talk presenters should have received an invitation to join a Dropbox folder. We will sync the folder with a laptop and test it before hand. If you haven't received an invitation, write us.

We will have a MAC and a PC. You are welcome to bring a flashdrive with your slides (word, pdf or powerpoint). If you are using PowerPoint, we recommend saving a copy as pdf.

If you bring a MAC, please remember to bring your own "VGA display adapter".


Especially for poster presenters, we have prepared some answers to FAQs and other helpful details.