SALT (Semantics and Linguistic Theory) May 20 - May 22, 2011

Rutgers New Brunswick


SALT 21 Program

Download a pdf version of this program that also contains all of the talk abstracts.

Friday, May 20 (Voorhees 105)

8:15-9:00 Registration/Continental Breakfast
9:00-9:15 Welcome: Roger Schwarzschild, Chair, Department of Linguistics
Opening remarks: James Swenson, Dean of Humanities, School of Arts and Sciences
9:15-10:15 Invited Speaker: Angelika Kratzer (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
What can can mean
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10:15-10:55 Maria Aloni & Floris Roelofsen (ILCC, University of Amsterdam)
Indefinites in comparatives
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10:55-11:15 Coffee
11:15-11:55 Todor Koev (Rutgers)
Evidentiality and temporal distance learning
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11:55-12:35 Ashwini Deo & Maria Mercedes Pinango (Yale)
Quantification and context in measure adverbials
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12:35-1:15 Jacopo Romoli (Harvard)
The presuppositions of soft triggers are not presuppositions
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1:15-3:00 Lunch Break
3:00-3:40 Igor Yanovich (MIT)
The problem of counterfactual de reattitudes
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3:40-4:20 Jakub Dotlačil (University of Groningen)
Fastidious distributivity
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4:20-4:40 Coffee
4:40-5:20 Richard Zuber (CNRS)
Generalized quantifiers and the semantics of the same
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5:20-6:20 Invited Speaker: Mandy Simons (Carnegie Mellon University)
Dynamic pragmatics, or, why we shouldn't be afraid of embedded implicatures
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Saturday, May 21 (Voorhees 105)

8:45-9:00 Registration/Continental Breakfast
9:00-10:00 Invited Speaker: Christopher Kennedy (University of Chicago)
A neo-Fregean semantics for number words
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10:00-10:40 Jacopo Romoli, Yasutada Sudo, & Jesse Snedeker (Harvard & MIT)
An experimental investigation of presupposition projection in conditional sentences
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10:40-11:00 Coffee
11:00-11:40 Daniel Altshuler (Hampshire College)
Towards a more fine-grained theory of temporal adverbials
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11:40-12:20 Assaf Toledo & Galit W. Sassoon (Utrecht University & ILLC, University of Amsterdam)
Absolute vs. relative adjectives: variance within vs. between individuals
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12:20-1:00 Robert Henderson (UC Santa Cruz)
Pluractional distributivity and dependence
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1:00-1:45 Lunch Break
1:45-2:15 Business Meeting
2:30-3:10 Brian Leahy (University of Konstanz)
Presuppositions and antipresuppositions in conditionals
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3:10-3:50 Guillaume Thomas (MIT)
Another and the meaning of measure phrases
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4:30-6:30 Poster session/Reception (Multi-purpose Room, Rutgers Student Center CAC)
7:00-12:00 Dinner/Party (Multi-purpose Room, Rutgers Student Center CAC)

Sunday, May 22 (Voorhees 105)

9:45-10:00 Continental Breakfast
10:00-11:00 Invited Speaker: Jesse Snedeker (Harvard)
Cascading water, implicit naming and instantaneous implicature: experimental semantics/pragmatics in the post-modular era
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11:00-11:40 Daniel Lassiter (NYU)
Nouwen's puzzle and a scalar semantics for obligations, needs, and requirements
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11:40-12:20 Walter Pedersen (McGill University)
Implicit complements, paychecks and variable-free semantics
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12:20-12:50 Coffee & Sandwiches
12:50-1:30 Emar Maier (University of Groningen)
On the roads to de se
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1:30-2:10 Micha Y. Breakstone, Alexandre Cremers, Danny Fox, & Martin Hackl (MIT, Hebrew University, & Sigma-École Normale Supérieure)
Processing degree operator movement: implications for semantics of differentials
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Peter Graff & Jeremy Hartman (MIT)
Constraints on predication download abstract
Hongyuan Dong & Mats Rooth (George Washington University & Cornell)
A recursive phonology interface for WH-F alternative semantics download abstract
Patrick Grosz (MIT)
A uniform analysis for concessive at least and optative at least download abstract

Poster Session (Saturday May 21, 4:30-6:30, Multi-purpose Room, Rutgers Student Center CAC)

Luis Alonso-Ovalle & Paula Menendez-Benito (University of Massachusetts, Boston & University of Goettingen)
Two types of epistemic indefinites: private ignorance vs. public indifference
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Pranav Anand, Caroline Andrews, Donka Farkas, Kevin Reschke, & Matthew Wagers (UC Santa Cruz)
Quantification-triggered inclusivization in plural interpretation
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Corien Bary & Dag Haug (Radbound-Nijmegen & University of Oslo)
Inter- and intrasentential anaphora: the case of the Ancient Greek participle
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Maria Biezma (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Conditional inversion and givenness
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Elena Castroviejo (University of Chicago)
So as a weak degree modifier
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Liz Coppock & David Beaver (University of Texas, Austin & Lund University)
Sole sisters
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Luka Crnič (MIT)
Evaluativity and polarity
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Ilaria Frana & Kyle Rawlins (University of Goettingen & Johns Hopkins University)
Unconditional concealed questions and the nature of Heim's ambiguity
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Michael Gagnon & Alexis Wellwood (University of Maryland)
Distributivity and modality: where each may go, every can't follow
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Peter Graff & Jeremy Hartman (MIT)
Constraints on predication
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Thomas Grano (University of Chicago)
Mental action and event structure in the semantics of try
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Vincent Homer (University of California, Los Angeles/École Normale Supérieure)
On the dependent character of licensing
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Gianina Iordachioaia & Elena Soare (Stuttgart University & University of Paris 8)
A further insight into the syntax-semantics of pluractionality
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Yu Izumi (University of Maryland)
Interpreting bare nouns: type-shifting vs. silent heads
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Ezra Keshet (University of Michigan)
Contrastive focus and paycheck pronouns
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Hadas Kotek, Yasutada Sudo, Edwin Howard, & Martin Hackl (MIT)
Is most more than half?
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Takeo Kurafuji (Ritsumeikan University)
Japanese comparatives are semantically conjuncts: a dynamic view
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Dave Kush (University of Maryland)
Height-relative determination of (non-root) modal flavor: evidence from Hindi
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Chungmin Lee & Myounghyoun Song (Seoul National University)
CF-reduplication: dynamic prototypes and contrastive focus effects
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Terje Lohndal (University of Maryland)
The addicities of thematic separation
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Qiong-peng Luo & Stephen Crain (Macquarie University)
Uniqueness and co-variation in Chinese wh-conditionals
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Ai Matsui (Michigan State University)
On the licensing of understating NPIs
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Lilia Rissman (Johns Hopkins University)
Instrumental with and use: a unified modal analysis
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Anastasia Smirnova (Ohio State University)
Inferences about the future and gaps in evidential paradigms in Balkan languages
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Sandhya Sundaresan (University of Tromsø (CASTL)/University of Stuttgart)
A plea for syntax: monsters, agreement and de se
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